We are a family of people who love Jesus Christ and seek to live for him. We are learning what it means to be fully alive in Christ as we are being transformed, through the Holy Spirit, into becoming more and more like him.

Our aim is that Hillhall Presbyterian Church and the organisations within, become an assembly of God’s people who meet to worship God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who live by the standards of God’s word, and who have a concern for the lost and the needy with a burning desire to reach out to the community with the message of God’s redeeming love in Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We have two services on a Sunday. Morning worship commences at 11:00 am and approximately 300 people of all ages gather to worship God. Our evening service at 6:30 pm tends to be more traditional and is supported by loyal and faithful worshippers.

Message from Rev. Paul Jamieson.

Dear Friends at Hillhall,

I trust you are managing to navigate your way through these challenging days of COVID-19.  No one ever imagined we would find ourselves in this prolonged situation that has impacted every area of our lives.  I want to assure you of my prayerful support to all our members, we are trying our best to pastorally support the people of Hillhall in these challenging times.

I am available every day and am pastorally engaging with people by telephone, please get in touch if you require pastoral support.  

While we are not permitted to visit in your home, if you require a socially distanced pastoral visit please get in touch and we can arrange a suitable time to visit.  We are continuing with our practical support to members who require prescriptions to be collected (if you are housebound and your pharmacy has no delivery service), essential shopping and preparing hot meals, soups and casseroles. If we can help practically to support you please get in touch.     

I am aware that some Congregations have made better progress with their online Services of Worship, they have the essential infrastructure, equipment and personnel to ‘rise to the challenge’ of online streaming.  The Kirk Session is aware of the disappointment from our members that we are not providing a Service of Worship to many who are unable to return to Church; this matter is now our main priority.  

The Kirk has agreed to purchase and install the necessary equipment and provide training for our online live broadcast to resume with much better sound and vision quality.  The equipment has been ordered and a company has been appointed to undertake the installation, due to be completed by 9th October, our live stream to be available from the 11th October.  In addition equipment has been ordered to recommence with the Podcast service.  I had previously borrowed equipment to produce the Podcast from March to August that had to be returned by 1st September. New equipment was due to be delivered on Friday 26th September but will not arrive until Monday 28th September, therefore it is not possible to produce a Podcast for Sunday 27th September without the essential technical equipment and software, I offer my sincere apology for this delay.         

We have also been hindered by the installation of a new broadband from BT that is essential to enable both Podcast and live streaming.  BT was scheduled to install the new service on Tuesday 22nd September and this issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

I can only apologise to you that we have been unable to provide a service from Hillhall online the past few weeks, I assure you every effort is being made to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and I sincerely hope from Sunday 4th October a Harvest service will be available from Hillhall on Podcast.  

I want to thank you for your patience and prayerful support; these are unprecedented times with everyone making enormous adjustments to every area of our lives. We are all in this together, I value your prayerful support, and many encouragements as we move into a new way of doing church in this COVID 19 scenario that will be with us for a significant period of time.


Rev. Paul Jamieson.    

25th September 2020.